Naughty Asia has a surprise

Hi there and welcome! This sweet Asian lady is today’s fart fantasy star. When you see her energetic attitude and her joyful energetic self you know any guy that gets to lay on her sweet sexy body will get his cock hard just like that. But she’s also got a surprise, it involves random positions, gas and scent. We’ll let you figure that one out for now. You should watch her in action, believe me!

Once again, this amazing babe is not only a chick who is willing to fart on camera, but she also has one hell of a body. Just take a look at those round buttocks and her sweet big perky tits who will be exposed all over the camera just for your delight. I’m sure you don’t want to miss her show as she is blasting some smelly ones. We also record her every second of that show, so if you want to see the video, cum inside our website and enjoy the whole scene, from the very beginning until the end. Grab a comfy sit and watch her in action. Also, cum back next week for fresh content. We’ll be here only for you.


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Stacey Lane farting

Hi there, people and welcome back. Is this one hot night as your fart fantasy will get to be fulfilled once again. We have for you some chocolate. This ebony amazing babe is exposing her amazing body all naked and she will also blast some smelly loudly ones just for your entertainment. I’m sure that this is what you were waiting for, so without further due, watch her right away and get ready to pop a nice boner on her as she really knows how to tease with those perfect curves.

As I said, this amazing babe will expose her perfect body all naked and her every inch of soft skin will be all over the camera just for you. She is starting slowly, stripping for you in front of the camera, then the naughty ebony chick will bend all the way down, exposing that but in all it’s glory just for you. I’m pretty sure you will love he when she blast dome loud smelly farts for you. She will give a long one in the end, finishing her show in a very naughty way. Without further due, sit back there and watch her in action. I can guarantee she will not disappoint you. As always, enjoy! Also, watch here Serena producing loud farts in front of the camera.


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Kinky hot Mollie Green

Hi there. As we’ve promised, we are back with fresh content and I’m sure that tonight will be a special night for all of you. I am saying that because it has been  since we had a MILF on our skin. Now you can guess who is starring our update tonight. Is Mollie Green, a good looking chick who was willed to pose in front of the camera and to fart just for your delight. Just sit back here and enjoy her in action.

In my opinion, the best are MILFs, because they always know what they wan and will go to get it. Like this one, for example. She simply wanted to bend in front of the camera and to blast some smelly ones for you. This woman knows what you guys want from her and will give you exactly tonight. That round amazing ass will be all over the camera and she will release some long farts for you. I’m sure you don’t want to miss the moment she is taking off those tight black leggings and her booty will be in all it’s glory exposed and showed off. She is one nasty MILF, that why she sure will be back with fresh content nest week. Until then, enjoy her! 



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Micah James wiggling her ass

Another great week and our fartfantasy models are back and ready to entertain you the whole night. Tonight’s star is Micah James, a naughty ebony babe with a milk chocolate skin and some amazing curves. The young lady will bend down and will release some loud ones just for your delight. Make yourself comfortable and get ready for an amazing show.

So Micah was trilled to shoot another scene for us. She was here before and you guys asked for more with her. So here we are. Fresh scenes with sexy Micah where she is exposing that perfect body for you and farts all over the camera. She will bend down and her tight asshole will be showed in all it’s glory. Then the sizzling ebony chick is blasting some of the loudest and smelliest farts her ass ever hold. I’m sure you will enjoy watching her in action, so if you want to see the whole episode, hit that button and cum inside our website. There Micah and other models are waiting for you. They all went farting on camera and now we have an amazing collection. Without firther due, cum inside and enjoy them.


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Madison Leigh in fart fetish update

Hi there. So as we’ve promised, another amazing scene is brought on screens for you tonight. Madison Leigh is here and I’m sure it will be such a pleasure to watch her in action. The sexy lady definitely knows how to fart, blasting some loud, so un-lady farts tonight just for your delight. She cannot be missed, so make yourself comfortable and watch her in action.

Madison here started her scene with a slow provocative striping. Watch her pulling down her pants and releasing her amazing round ass. She is having a roundest ass I ever seen and I’m sure your cock will beg you to jerk off on her from the moment she is showing that ass to the camera. The naughty lady is showing off her strings to the camera, then she will release one loud long fart for you. The start is promising, so stay here and watch the whole episode. This amazing lady prepared for you some crazy hot scene as she went on camera while farting all over. Enjoy her back on our website where we have the whole episode for you. Also, stay tuned for fresh content as next week we will bring another scene starring naughty babes. 



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Fart Fantasy – Naughty Madison

Hi there, ladies and gentlemen and welcome back! On this great night Madison came around to entertain you and I’m sure it would be such a pleasure to watch her in action. The ebony chick will blast some smelly ones on camera for you and I know that this is what you were actually waiting for. Without further do, grab a seat and watch her taking off her clothes and farting all over as we catch every moment on our cameras. This one cannot be missed. Sit back and enjoy her.


As I said, the naughty ebony chick is starting her scene by taking off her clothes very slowly, just to tease you from the very beginning. She will reveal one amazing chocolate body and you cock will pop a nice huge boner as she will start to touch herself all over. Then naughty Madison will lay on that couch and will release some loud long farts just for your delight. She is showing to the camera that tight asshole and some smelly farts will come out from there. She is so un-lady like doing that and I know that this is exactly what you were looking for. Enjoy the whole scene back on our site as we have a nice video prepared there only for you. Watch here Roxy and Mary smelling each other’s farts and enjoy another crazy babes farting on camera.

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Hot big assed ebony

Hi there, guys and gals! One fresh scene is ready to be showed to you in a couple of moments as we’ve promised. Tonight this ebony big assed babe will keep you company and for sure she knows how to entertain. The naughty babe will blast some smelly ones for you will bend all the way down, bragging around with that amazingly bubble butt. Grab a comfy seat quickly and enjoy her in action.

The naughty babe is starting her scene with a big beautiful smile at the camera. She is wearing only her black bra and whose tight sexy pink leggings. Thru them, her ass looks perfect. Watch her laying on that couch and spreading her legs for you. She is blasting some smelly loud farts as her big ass will be showed all over the camera. Our model is bending down and she farts her pants just for your delight. Cum inside our website and enjoy the whole episode. We have there for you one amazing collection you simply cannot miss.


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Kinky blonde farting on the sofa

Hi there, everyone and welcome back. Another great week and it is time for a fresh fart fantasy scene. We have for you here a naughty blonde who will fart all over her couch only for your entertainment. The naughty babe record herself while she was doing naughty things as she was home alone during this fine afternoon. I’m sure you don’t want to miss her, so grab a seat and watch her doing what she has to do, on camera, just for you guys.

The kinky blonde really wants to impress tonight, that’s why after she took off her every piece of clothing, she exposed that body all naked while touching herself all over. Watch her squeezing her perky little tits and touching her clit while moaning in pleasure. But that is only the beginning. The sizzling babe will hop on top of that couch and will start to blast the loudest farts her ass ever hold. The babe is releasing some smelly ones all over the camera just for you viewing delight. She is one kinky model and we love that about her, having no inhibition and going as naughty as she can on camera. Without further due, have fun watching the entire video back on our website. We have there a nice collection starring only hot babes who farted on camera like there’s no tomorrow. Enjoy!


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Naughty Brittany Lynn

Hi there, everyone! Is this one of the hottest night or what? Just take a look at tonight’s model and you will understand for sure why I am saying that. This amazingly tattooed chick will bend in front of the camera and will release some loudly smelly farts just for your viewing delight. I’m sure you cannot wait to enjoy that whole scene, so just sit back there and watch her in action.


Let me introduce you Brittany Lynn, a hot good looking brunette with some beautiful tattoos and a passion for going on camera while doing naughty things. The sizzling chick is one of the hottest models our site ever hold. She accepted to shoot one scene for you and now we will present the scene to the whole world. She was truly amazing and this scene is one of the best. Watch her bending down and farting some loud and long farts just for your entertainment, wearing only her sexy black fishnets and those huge high heels.I’m sure she will make your night even better. Also, check here another hot brunette farting on the camera.

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Allison in her first farting clip

Hi there, guys and gals! Isn’t this the day you were all waiting? We are back with our weekly  fartfantasy scene. Allison is starring tonight’s scene and I’m sure you will all enjoy her watching her in action. She did just fine and now I think that she is ready for a fresh one. But before that, let me show you what it came out.

Here Alison is in her living room and she accepted to also record her in action. First we took some hot pics as she took off her every piece of clothing, exposing that perfect body in all it’s glory. The sexy chick has some perfect curves you don’t see every day. After that, naughty Allison put her legs up and started to release some loudly smelly farts. She sure knows how to fart and everything was so un-lady like, Trust, for that you will love her even more. Grab a seat and enjoy her doing her thing back there on camera. Let her entertain you the whole night and I’m sure you will have some wet dreams after watching this. Also you might enter the site and see some gorgeous vixens exposing their delicious curves!


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