Marie and Daisy

These two sexy babes, Marie and Daisy are back to us for more fun and kinky action! Both are wearing sexy lingerie and in this scene they will run a fun contest to see which one of them will produce the most sexy farts. Enjoy watching this tight competition between these kinky chicks! You got to see the whole gallery, to see exactly how these two hot babes are going to enjoy each other and see how they will fart and inhale all that smell into their lungs.

They have this kinky habit that it’s turning them on and it’s just impressive! You got to see the whole thing, to see exactly how they are going straight down on their knees, offering a full access to their holes to the other one and getting straight between those butt cheeks, ready to get all the smell with their nose. Have fun seeing how they will produce all those smelly farts and check out the whole action, cause it’s outstanding, I can guarantee. Have fun guys and see you the next time, with more! Until then, you can enter the site and watch some similar galleries featuring a hot anal freak who loves getting her ass stretched!

two kinky babes in sexy lingerie

 Watch these kinky babes farting in their sexy lingerie!


Fart Fantasies – Emerald

Hey guys, Emerald is back here at fart fantasy to bring you more of her farting performance.And we were happy to have her back too, hell who could resist that cute face of her and that tempting body. So without further due, watch Emerald’s second performance of posing sexy and hot , and watch her fart away in this awesome update. Enjoy seeing how this horny babe is going to stretch her butt cheeks widely and she is going to release the biggest and the smelliest fart ever.

Enjoy seeing how she will expose her pussy hole and her tight butt cheeks, spreading them wide open, offering you a fantastic image that is going to be just incredibly hot. You have to see how she will flash you with those butt cheeks so have fun and grab a seat, cause there are so many naughty things that are about to happen here. Check out the whole action and you won’t regret it! Have a look at Emerald and see how she will fart on and on, with a huge noise or a much smaller one, depending on her mood. Have a great time guys and see you the next time, with more incredible posts and more gas lover babes!


 Watch this cutie releasing lout farts out of her butt!


Lovely Destiny Dicks

Today’s update features yet another ebony lady with a  naughty ass. So for this one you get to see the super hot Destiny provide you with some sizzling hot poses of her ass and pussy. And well you know she couldn’t do just that right? So yeah enjoy her farting scenes too. We hope to bring you more updates soon, until then enjoy.

Have a look at this slutty babe and see her black ass being totally stretched. And so she could stretch it even more than that, she grabbed those butt cheeks of hers and she started to spread them widely, offering you a very nice image of her holes. Get ready to see this slutty babe in action, showing you exactly how she likes to stretch herself and to bend over, so she could release all those noises out of her ass hole. Enjoy each scene and I can assure you that you are going to get really fired up and wild after seeing her fart and hearing her with all those noises. Check this out, right away, if you really have a fart fetish! Also you can watch this fart domination Melody Jordan scene and watch another kinky babe farting!


See this hot ebony in the sexiest and nastiest farting action! 


FartFantasy – Goddess

Today, fart fantasy got to have a real ebony goddess of farts here. This black beauty started with showing off her perfect black ass and she them proceeded to sit herself on her custom fart chair. So without further due, just enjoy this lady posing sexy for the camera and releasing some farts just for you from that tight ass of hers. Until next time, enjoy this sexy black chick that is going to impress you with her kinky games.

Enjoy seeing her farting through that glass and see how she will stretch those butt cheeks widely so she could release that smelly fart. Have a look at the whole action and I can assure you that you are going to have a fantastic time with this really hot chick. See how she is going stretch those butt cheeks and how she is going to release those farts, one after the other, spreading the smell in all the room. Check out how she is going to push her butt checks on that glass and fart right there, making all that huge noise! Enjoy also this fart goddess, if you need more smelly scenes! If you’re looking for similar content, enter the site and see other fetishist models getting kinky on the video camera!


Watch this hot ebony sitting on that chair and farting! 


Honey unleashes her stomach gases

Hey guys,fart fantasy is back again today with yet another hottie displaying her awesome ass hole in this great update. Her name is Holly and like all the ladies you’ve seen thus far, is quite the farter. So just sit back, relax and enjoy this woman’s gasses being shot out of her lovely ass. She sure surprised us and hopefully you too. Enjoy seeing this hot babe getting down on her knees, letting you see her stretched butt hole and see how she is going to start farting with all those noisy farts of hers.

sweet-honey-farting-loudCheck her out right away and I can assure you that you are going to get really fired up and wild. Have a look at her and see how she is going to start bending and stretching, letting you see her entire body and her ass from all the angles. She is really naughty and in the mood to have a great time by her own. Check her out right away and get ready to hear and smell all those continuous farts that she is going to release! Enjoy each moment and have the best time ever here with her! Stay tuned to find out the rest of her amazing scenes or enter the site and see another cuties exposing her ass to the camera!

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Farts Fantasy – Asia Zo

Asia is back again today for our fart fantasy update. You guys really loved her last time and she’s here to do a follow up. So just like before we’ll leave you with this gallery of her showing off her perfect ass and you can see her put on her farting performance just for you. So until next time enjoy, and be sure more updates will be on the way. Have a look at this horny babe and see how she will grab one of her butt cheeks with her palms, so she could stretch them more wide and see how she will release those gases accumulated into her stomach.

mexian-chick-farting-loudShe never imagined that these things will make her horny and wet, she never thought that she could eliminate those farts in public and enjoy seeing how hot she is and how eager to even slide a couple of fingers into her holes while she is farting. Have a look at the whole action and you are going to be super impressed, cause this stunning chick loves getting naughty on the camera just like the chicks from the cosplay deviants site! Even though this chick is so skinny she has so many farts to release! You are going to adore the way she is unleashing them, with or without noise and see how much she likes too. Have a look at her and I can assure you that things are going to be great here!

Check out this hot mexican releasing her stinky farts! 


Naughty Jayden Ryder

For this one fart fantasy brings you the lovely Jayden Ryder along with her super sweet and sexy body, and her ability to produce some awesome bowel movement gases. So to sate that hunger of yours for farting pretty ladies feast your eyes upon this hottie. And let us tell you that her body and cute face aren’t the only things that will impress you about her. Have a look at this chick and see how she will bend down on her knees, offering you her holes, all of them and releasing her smelly fart with such a great pleasure.

Have a look at this amazing chick and see how eager she is to fart on and on. She just adores to feel all that warm air at her butt, it’s kind of making her feel super hot and excited. Enjoy seeing her in action and spreading those butt cheeks widely, with such a great pleasure. Have fun and get ready to see even more exclusive scenes right here, that are going to impress you and make you super hard and naughty. Stay tuned to see what are the things that she is going to expose and how are you going to be impressed! Also you can enter the blog and see some gorgeous babes in leather outfits getting kinky! Have fun and see you soon, friends!


Watch her spreading her butt cheeks and farting! 


Fart Fantasy – Brittany Lynn

In this update, Brittany Lynn is here to take up the fart fantasies challenge and treat you to some nice pictures with her bubbly round ass. SO watch this brunette as she gets to farting loud and clear just for you, and see her having fun with it too, as she keeps switching positions throughout the house. You are about to see one of the most incredible chicks ever and she is willing to let you see her holes, all of them! The things that she likes the most are to fart in front of other people, to release those noisy and smelly gases out of her ass hole.

And meanwhile, she is going to do a whole lot more. She will show you exactly how she likes to play with her pussy hole that it’s getting so wet and so eager to be banged, at least by her fingers. Enjoy each scene and I can assure you that you are going to adore seeing this really hot babe in action, with her fingers deeply shoved inside her pussy hole. Stay tuned to see what else is she going to do right next and I can assure you that you are going to adore watching her banging herself and rubbing her clit, while all those farts will be released out of her ass! Have fun seeing this slut in action! Stay tuned for more updates soon. Also you can visit the site and see some hot babes getting tied down!


 Check out as this hottie is ready to burst some smelly ones!


Two farting chicks

Hi there, my friends, once again! You may be wondering what could fart could bring you to be better than one hot lady getting to fart just for you to satisfy your fetish? Well let us answer that question ourselves. This hot night is all about two super sexy ladies getting to release their gasses in front of the camera. They will do their thing on camera just for you. Make yourself comfortable and have fun!

As you might observe, the blonde chick was here before and you guys asked for her. That’s why she was pretty surprise about her success and she was more than trilled to cum back in front fo the camera and to shoot another amazing scene. She brought her sexy ebony friend and sure it came out one ell of an update. So without further due, just enjoy this couple of two ladies having fun and farting. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed by their performances. They will lick on each other sexy asshole, then will release some loud long farts just for your viewing delight. As always enjoy and if you want more of them, cum inside our website and enjoy them even more. Check out the site if you wanna see other kinky ladies taking off their panties for you!


Watch these two babes releasing farts in each others face! 


Sexy Emerald on the chair

For today’s update we bring you naughty Emerald. And her awesome fart performance in this special chair  that we devised specially just for her. So without further due, enjoy this super sexy brunette as she takes a seat and gets going to release some loud and awesome farts just for you. Grab a comfy seat and enjoy the whole scene right away. She came here especially for you, so don’t eve thing to skip this scene.

Well, from the moment we saw her we knew that Emerald is the perfect chick for what we are looking for.She and her amazing curves will be all over the camera tonight and I’m sure you guys will ask for some other scene with her after watching this. Her natural way of doing everything makes her so desirable. She is taking off her every piece of clothing and will seat on that chair and will release some loud ones. I know that this is what you were waiting the whole week: some loudly, smelly farts coming out from some hot tight asshole. This is exactly what we have for you. Hit that button and cum inside for the whole scene.  Until next time we hope you enjoy your stay.  Also you can visit the blog and see a kinky chick getting wild!


Enjoy lovely Emerald’s nasty, smelly  and loud farts!