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Check out our fart fantasy videos and satisfy you desires watching kinky hot babes farting on the camera for you! In this video our crazy model, Chrissy will rock your world with her loud farts so sit back and relax because she is going to show you her nasty talent. Watch sexy Chrissy releasing the loudest farts ever! Chrissy just happens to be one of the most superb and sexy Latina babes that you can ever hope to see. And in this video she brings you her ass and her sexy farts that she releases just for your enjoyment today. So let’s get started and see this babe in action.
The cameras start rolling, and this superb Latino babe starts off her scene with talking a little bit about herself and what she likes to do. Well naturally you learn just how this cutie operates and you get to see it too. You get front row seats to her sexy show and you get to see her pass some nice and loud farts as she takes off her panties and spreads her butt open so that you may get a better view as well. Enjoy her nice video today and see you next week with more. Until then enjoy and do check out our past updates as well for some more fresh and sexy babes farting everyone.


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Free Fart Fantasy Videos

Have fun watching out free fart fantasy videos featuring crazy amateur girls who like showing off their special talent on the camera. Watch this cute babe as she bends over her bed and takes off her panties to release her loud farts. Enjoy hearing the noises she makes with her asshole and take a look at our next kinky fartfantasy galleries! If you liked this update check out http://dirtygardengirl.org/ website and have fun watching other kinky babes farting and spreading their asses. Well this babe has had her first time doing this on camera and naturally she felt a bit embarrassed, but that soon changed.
Well we can honestly say that this cute babe will surely give you something to see in her sexy show. So just sit back and watch her do her stuff as she appears wearing her sexy and hot t-shirt with just her sexy and cute panties. Sit back and watch her pulling them off to let you see her sexy ass better, and then see her starting to pass her little farts on camera and you. We know that you will want to see more of her, and rest assured that we already asked her if she;d do us the honor to bring her sexy little butt back once more in our scenes!

Fart Fantasy – Michelle, Roxy and Mari Possa

Have a look at this nasty Fart Fantasy trio feat Michelle, Roxy and Mari in a truly fantastic warm air swapping scenes. These babes are getting hot with each other as they are farting on one another’s face. These girl are up for an extra long farting session and they simply cant get enough  of this smelly gas smelling game! Make sure to watch them in action in this nasty fartfantasy,net video scene. Well we sure didn’t have a lack of babes for this scene and as you can tell it was pretty fun too. You guys must be really eager to see these babes have their fun so let’s not delay any longer shall we?

Two of these sexy ladies you have gotten to know in one of our previous sexy updates, and today they come back with another friend of theirs to entertain you with their asses and sexy fart scenes. Sit back and watch the slutty trio of babes sink their noses in one another’s butts, and see them farting in one another’s faces today. You can bet that they all took turns to do this as all of them wanted to feel that strong smell for this afternoon. Sit back and enjoy this trio of horny and hot babes having fun in front of the cams and see how they are showing off their bodies, wearing just their sexy and hot lingerie sets.


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Stacey Lane

Stacey is looking a little bit swollen and that means that she is going to give you a special Fart Fantasy treat. I actually know her for quite some time and I am telling you, she is gonna show you something very nasty into her fartfantasy scene. I am sure that you are going to love every second of it and this chick will make you wish that you were there with her with your face pressed in between her sexy ass cheeks while she is releasing her long and nasty farts today just for your enjoyment. So let’s get started and see this sexy and beautiful ebony babe in action with her nice and sexy scene shall we?

sexy black girl releasing her nasty farts

This sexy chocolate beauty is even hotter and sexier than the last one we had, and we think that you’ll simply love her. She made her entry wearing a super sexy and hot pink bikini and then she took it off naturally as she was eager to show off her luscious body curves to you guys. Sit back and watch her parade her perfect round ass, and see her release some nasty farts in front of the cameras and you guys. We’re sure that you will just love her along with her sexy round ebony ass, and rest assured that we have more fart lover babes to show off next week. See you then, and make sure to be here to see it okay?

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FartFantasy – Miss Marie

Miss Marie is a dirty little slut who proved us her special talents in this FartFantasy scene. In this update Marie is going to unleash her nasty practice in the bathroom, where she sits down on the toilet making sure that her farts are going to be louder then ever. This slutty chick managed to amaze us with her long and loud smelly farts! if you liked this update and you are look for other fetish videos check out http://sicflics.org/ blog! See you soon, but for now just sit back and enjoy this red headed babe as she gets to have lots and lots of fun all by herself in the bathroom and with the cameras.

And yes you do get to see some rather nice and hot fart scenes with her as she passes air and poses around sensually for you guys to see. You get to see her spread her ass to let you see that nice and tight butthole of hers as well as her horny and eager pussy as well. So just sit back and enjoy this show with the sexy red head for this afternoon. See her as she also takes the time to play around with her pussy for you and see her rubbing it as she masturbates for a bit as well. We hope to see you again soon, and until then you’ll have this sexy babe to keep you company everyone. Have fun and goodbye!


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Fart Fantasy – Roxy and Mary

You wont find something more hotter then these two fart fantasy babes, latina Mari and Roxy, a tattooed blonde chick with a sexy hot body. In this crazy fartfantasy.net video they are exchanging their essence and they are both very excited to make this video scene. Mari couldn’t wait to smell and inhale Roxy’s farts. Take a look inside and find out how this nasty fart contest ends. These two babes are eager to have fun and they;re ready to have some sweet sexual fun for your enjoyment today without any interruptions. So let’s watch them in action for this scene shall we everyone?


As this fresh week started we decided to give you a show with these two horny and hot babes that will get to have some pretty wild times in front of the cameras. Of course you can expect to see the regular fart scenes as well, but it seems that the sexy babes were more in the mood to have some lesbian fun. So after they spent a good amount of time with their noses in one another’s asses, they started to get more and more naked, and you get to see them play with each other’s boobs and pussies, just like the girls from http://wdgirls.org/ website. Sit back and enjoy them playing with each other’s bodies today and see you next time with some more as usual! Also you can join the http://www.domkarin.net/ site and see a kinky mistress getting wild!

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Serena Marcus

Enjoy watching this teen blonde with a hot body showing her special talents in this fart fantasy scene! No girl can fart like this one i’m telling you. She was really excited to show us what she can do and she gave us a long one right from the start. Watch her performing more loud farts and proving us that she is truly one of the most gifted and talented fartfantasy.com girl, so make sure to watch her today and don’t miss a single image in her superb gallery. Her ass is simply perfect and we along with her want to share it with the world today. So let’s not waste anymore time to just get started with her scene.

When the cameras start rolling, this cutie gets right down to business, just like the chicks from jb video galleries,  and makes her entry showing off her sexy and hot silver bikini today. She looked just delicious enough to eat while wearing it, and we know that you understand what we mean by that. She soon removes her top to show you her perky natural tits, and her panties too to let you see her perfect round butt along with that nice and eager pussy too. Watch her let out some loud ones out of that small and tight butt of hers, and then see her giving you a nice little extra show as she starts to masturbate and rub that wet pussy of hers in the end for you! Check out this fart chick as well, if you are eager for more!


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FartFantasy – Shonna

This kinky ebony chick, Shonna is back for producing more loud noises from her asshole in this amazing FartFantasy update! She is wearing a pair of white thongs and lays down on her bed for blowing her nasty farts for this video gallery. In this ass fart gallery she blew a loud one at the beginning and her smell was mind-blowing. Now Shonna here is one hot and sexy ebony babe. And she says that she just loves to put on naughty and sexy shows for the guys. And you get to be that today. She intends to give you something to remember her by, and we’re sure that you will.

ebony-chick-blowing-smelly-fartsThe sweet and sexy chocolate woman shows up in her sexy and hot white bikini outfit and does one fine job to show off her superbly hot and delicious body curves. You get to see her display that perfect and hot ebony ass of hers as the camera closes up on it, and soon thereafter she begins to fart in the camera as it catches her body from every angle possible today. Sit back and enjoy seeing this beautiful ebony babe as she farts and plays with her luscious butt while you get to watch her. She said that she had lots of fun by the end and she’d definitely want to do it once more. Like the chicks from the www.pantypops.net site, she loves getting naked for the video camera, so let’s watch her doing her best!

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Fart Fantasy – Rose

This cute Fart Fantasy chick with a sexy tiny body is Rose. She likes to do all kind of crazy new stuff , sleeping fantasies and stuff, so she liked the idea of making a tape for us. She made sure to eat a lot so her stomach was prepared. Her tight ass produced some really loud noises so make sure and watch this babe in action. She really got turned on by her loud farts so get ready for lots of crazy fart fun today just for you. And we know that you will simply adore seeing this beautiful Latina babe spread open her legs to also let you see her horny pussy too.

She was all dressed up in a nice and sexy little black dress, and as you will see this babe is quick to lift it up and show you her lady parts too. Sit back and enjoy her rubbing her sweet pussy for a bit as well. But she knows that that’s not what you’re here to see, so she gets on to the main event. See her lifting her sexy legs in the air, and watch as this babe spreads her butt cheeks as she farts on camera just for you. You can enjoy her full scene today and rest assured that we know you’ll want to see much more of her in a future update. Anyway, see you next week everyone! Also you can join the http://glovemansion.net/ site and see some kinky mistresses getting wild!


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Fart Fantasy – Sexy Natalie

Sexy Natalie Lips is back for more Fart Fantasy fun and she is looking damn hot! Like anal addict Jo this kinky slut is wearing a kinky outfit an she requested to shoot in the comfort of her house where she is feeling the most ready to impress you with her mind-blowing and the most loudest farts. Watch this crazy FartFantasy chick her in action and have fun.This hot babe likes to play around quite a lot as well, and you can see by her choice of clothing that this babe just adores to show off her superbly hot and sexy butt. So let’s see Natalie in action for this fresh and hot little scene of hers while she also gets to fart sexy for you.


Like we said, she does love to show off her nice and sexy butt, and you guys get front row seats to her show and get to see her close up. As the scene starts off, our lovely and hot babe takes the time to pose around and parade her sexy and luscious body while she takes off her slutty dress to show off her perky tits and eager pussy. And then it was time for the show to really start as this babe just began to let it rip. Sit back and enjoy watching this babe’s butt in action as she passes air for this whole scene today. We know that you will just adore it and we think that this cutie will surely make a comeback here soon! Check out the Twitter page, for more recent news!

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